Greencycle recycling collection service

Recycling in Port Elizabeth?
Greencycle is the answer

Greencycle is a non-profit organization (registration no. 093-836-NPO) which provides a convenient and inexpensive recycling collection service to the homes and businesses of Port Elizabeth.

Most of the household waste you throw away every week could go to recycling instead of landfill. Not only your glass bottles, but also all your food and drink tins, all paper products and plastic can go into your recycling bin. All this ‘waste’ can be reused or transformed into new products.

Laura Henderson and Louise Simpson co-founded Greencycle in 2008 after fruitlessly searching for a comprehensive recycling service in Port Elizabeth. They continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the company, with the assistance of their ever expanding team.

To join the growing Greencycle recycling community and help us make PE an environmentally Friendlier City, have a look through the pages that follow, or feel free to contact us.