Greencycle recycling collection service

Recycling bins

You don’t need any special bins to recycle (see Tips for Recycling at Home), but for those of you looking for something designed specifically for recycling, see below:

Deskside Bins

Square Bins: R44 each (various colours)

Round Bins: R75 each

Includes Delivery (within PE)

Stickers sold separately (see: )





Wheelie Bins (240-litre )

R795 each: various colours, including delivery (within PE)

Wheelie bin rental available to Greencycle Customers (see charges table)



From Postwink

Greencycle is now working with Postwink, in Cape Town, to give you access to practical and stylish recycling solutions for your home and office.

Here are some examples of Postwink’s ‘Proudly South African’ products:


A PDF version of the full brochure can be downloaded here...

All products can be ordered through Greencycle. For orders over R250, we require a 50% deposit to secure an order; the other 50% is due on delivery. If you require a VAT invoice, we will organise for Postwink to invoice you directly (as we are not VAT registered).

Please note: All prices exclude VAT and delivery charges from Cape Town.