Greencycle recycling collection service

Tips for sorting & storing recycling at home

As you will see, you don't need several bins at home - we do the sorting for you.

Here are our tips for setting up a few new systems to make recycling at home as convenient as possible.  These will encourage everyone to participate, and soon the family will have formed new habits, which will become second nature.  Each household will have different circumstances and find different things work for them; if you have any suggestions of your own, please do let us know.

For glass, cans, plastics and Tetra Paks:

These items are mainly used in the kitchen and it is most useful to have either a separate bin to throw them into, or to have a crate/box in which to store them under your sink or somewhere convenient.  It does not matter if the items are mixed together for collection purposes as they are sorted at a later stage. You could keep larger bins or crates in the garage and use something smaller in the kitchen for immediate disposal. Crushing tins helps to save space but please do not break glass bottles for safety reasons.

Items for recycling need to be cleaned before storing.  Wine bottles, drink cans etc usually just need draining or a quick rinse to prevent any liquid from fermenting and starting to smell, and avoid attracting insects.  Tin cans or jars which contained food need to be rinsed out and this can be incorporated into your normal washing up in the sink or dishwasher.  Labels can be left on. Sharp lids of opened tin cans can be hazardous so place them inside the cleaned tin for recycling.  

Please replace jar lids after rinsing, as these can often be reused rather than recycled.  Plastic containers containing cleaning fluids can be rinsed out - thereby using the last of the cleaning product.  Soft plastic packaging can be shaken out (like bread packets) or rinsed as required.  The main concern is hygiene both for you in your home and for our team at the depot who handle all the items.  Oily residue inside bottles of cooking oil, etc is not a problem as long as the top is replaced on the bottle, as slightly oily items can be processed.

Cardboard and paper packaging, newspapers, magazines and white paper:

It might be more convenient to collect and store these is in your home office or a spare room.  Again, a crate or a large bin works well, although you could also use space inside a cupboard, or a large drawer.  Even a large cloth sack, which hangs behind a door or inside a cupboard, works well. If possible, these items should be placed into a separate bag to ensure they stay dry and clean.

Visitors to your home:

Guests to your home also need to be aware of your recycling systems to ensure they don't inadvertently scrape their plates into your recycling bin.  Strategically placed bins or crates can be used to collect bottles and cans during a party.

Kiddies parties are also a time when large amounts of plastic, paper and cardboard packaging are accumulated and it is helpful to bring out a clean rubbish bag when presents are being opened into which all the packaging can be placed.

Collection Days:

On collection day, you will need to put your recycling into bags to be placed on your verge. You can use Greencycle bags or other types of bags, for example, dog food bags, potato bags, grocery bags or cardboard boxes as long as they are clean. Preferably use plastic bags if it is wet or raining on a particular day. 

In order to keep the paper and cardboard dry, please place it in a separate bag to that of your washed containers, which are still likely to be wet. 

As glass is relatively heavy, please distribute it among smaller bags or boxes rather than put it all into one large bag which will not hold the weight. 

Please make sure that the bags are closed securely or folded over at the top so that small items do not spill out when the wind blows or when being collected and transported.

We hope that these notes have provided you with some useful ideas and that your collection of recycling at home goes as smoothly as possible.  We will be glad to answer any questions you may have if you phone or e-mail us. Also, do let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about our service.